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Roofers in Glasgow

J & A Anderson – Roofers, Glasgow

There’s a lot of choice when it comes to searching for roofers in Glasgow and depending on the project, it can be hard to know where to go. When it comes to carrying out work on our roofs, it pays to be careful. Our roofs protect our homes from the Scottish weather and damage can be inevitable after storms. That’s when you need to look into roof repair. Tiles can be knocked off for various reasons and moss can overrun gutters.
Of course, it’s not always bad – you might have a new project in mind. Do you want to update your roof or have new Velux windows installed? Read on to find out why J & A Anderson should be your pick when it comes to roofing in Glasgow. Take advantage of our expertise when it comes to slate roofing, EPDM roofing and many more services.


Looking for roof repairs in Glasgow or have a new project?

At J & A Anderson roofing, we understand that when it comes to roof repairs, you want to find a reputable roofing contractor. We’re a family owned company: J & A Anderson is owned by two brothers. Together John and Sandy have decades of experience in the roofing industry and with running a quality roofing company: when we take on a project for you, one of our directors will always be present to oversee the project to completion.

We’re NFRC registered and TrustMark accredited: you can be confident that we’ll complete any work for you to a high degree of quality and with complete craftsmanship. As you’d expect, J & A Anderson are experienced in many roofing services – if you have a project in mind or in need of roof repairs in Glasgow and you’re looking for roofers in Glasgow, take a look at some of our work.


Slate roofing: an excellent choice, practically and aesthetically.

Slate is a beautiful, natural material with a long history in Britain stretching back centuries. Wales is the biggest producer of slate in Britain – indeed, for a time the biggest slate quarry in the world was located in Wales. It remains one of the world’s main sources of quarried slate. As a roofing material, slate is renowned for its attractiveness; each variety takes on the character of its region. Slate roofing has been popular in Britain for a long time, for good reason. It’s famed for its long lifespan. Many of our older buildings retain their original slate roofs: with care and maintenance, slate roofs can last for as long as 100 years. Slate roofing is a great practical choice too. It can withstand temperature extremes (something useful in the land of four seasons in one day) and is resistant to water.
J & A Anderson Roofing are experts when it comes to slate roofing. Slate has many benefits as a roofing material and we’re pleased to be able to supply and install it. We use only the highest quality materials: we source the materials we use in slate roofing from Welsh Slate. And we offer a sustainable way to get a slate roof – you can also opt for reclaimed slate for an affordable and environmentally friendly roof. If slate roofing doesn’t fit your needs, we offer other options.


EPDM rubber roofing: durable and resistant.

EPDM rubber roofing is incredibly versatile. There’s many applications for it because its features mean it can operate well in a variety of conditions. In a practical sense, it’s a good choice for any roofing projects you have in mind – it’s a very reliable roofing system. Flat roofing is still sometimes thought of as inferior to more traditional methods. That’s changed since EPDM rubber roofing was first introduced and there’s been advances in bitumen torch-on roofing. Rubber roofing can be installed extremely quickly: installation can be completed within a day. This cuts down on labour costs and there’s less material involved in construction. It can be a very affordable roofing option.

With care and attention, EPDM rubber roofing can have a lifespan stretching to around 40 years. It’s durable too: it can withstand harsh weather conditions and is resistant to extremes of temperature. The thermal efficiency of rubber roofing is good, meaning that less heat will escape from the room. That means less money wasted on energy bills. It’s low maintenance too – compared to a pitched roof, it’s incredibly easy to clean. Just wipe it down and it looks as good as new.


We can handle all of this and more.

We’ve been in the roofing industry for decades and have carried out projects for clients big and small. We’re experts when it comes to traditional roofing methods such as slate roofing. We provide several options when it comes to sourcing slate tiles for roof repairs in Glasgow and beyond or the construction of a new roof entirely. We’re experienced when it comes to more modern materials such as EPDM roofing too. Whatever your home requires, we can help. Get in touch with us today about a new project or work you need carried out.

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