flat roof getting repaired in scotland

Roof Repairs Glasgow

A good roof over your head

Without the roof, we’d all be a good deal colder and wetter in our homes – which wouldn’t be much more than a few walls. They keep us warm and dry, helping to keep out worst of the Scottish weather. The roof is exposed to harsh forces on a regular basis, with storms and high winds battering at it.
This can cause damage to the roof, such as tiles being knocked loose or even off entirely. Missing tiles can threaten the roof’s structural integrity and put your home at risk from the elements. Water will be able to get into the roof and can eventually lead to much more extensive damage to the house itself.

Roofs aren’t only at risk from immediate damage. Time takes a toll on roofs too, and as they age the structural integrity of the roof weakens and affecting the appearance. A roof generally lasts around 20 years before needing replaced, although the actual lifespan will depend on maintenance and the materials used. If the roof of your house is nearing the end of its useful life, then it may be worth looking into new options.


Whatever the scale of the project, we can handle it

Whether you need a few missing tiles to be replaced or you need a new roof to be installed, J & A Roofing is equipped to handle the project. We have decades of experience in the roofing industry and over a variety of roofing options, such as slate tiling or flat roof options.

We have completed projects for many satisfied clients over the years and have dealt with a wide variety of roofing issues, of different sizes. We’re accredited with organisations such as the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, allowing you to have full confidence in the quality of our work.

If your roof needs attention, then we can visit your home to assess the roof and offer you a free quote.