07 Aug

Taking Care of Your Roofline

We can handle gutter cleaning in Glasgow and surrounding areas.

For most of us, our guttering is just part of the roof. However, gutters play an important role in protecting our home from the weather. They save our roofs from collapsing under the weight of all the rain that falls on them by sluicing the water from the roof down to the sewers. Over time however, gutters can become clogged. Moss thrives in damp conditions and this makes guttering a perfect home for it: left unchecked it can become a serious problem. Leaves can also get stuck in the gutters, particularly in autumn and winter when they’re being blown everywhere by the wind. Scotland’s reputation for being the soggiest country in Britain is well-earned – that means keeping up with gutter cleaning in Glasgow and beyond is especially important.


Looking for gutter cleaning in Glasgow?

If clogged gutters aren’t dealt with then you’re going to experience the immediate problems of overflowing water and a nasty looking roofline. This puts your roof at risk from water ingress and the gutters may become damaged if left long enough. Your roof could be at risk of serious structural damage if the problem continues to worsen.
Fortunately, getting your gutters cleaned can prevent all of this. Cleaning your gutters is more affordable than having to fork out to get them repaired – and deal with any damage that’s occurred. It’s an easy and cheap way to prevent an expensive problem. If your gutters are starting to groan under the weight of autumn leaves then get in contact with us. We’re based in Kirkintilloch: perfectly situated to handle any gutter cleaning in Glasgow for you.


More than just a roofline: UPVC fascias and soffits.

What we think of the “roofline” is actually made up of multiple parts; the fascia and soffit. The board that’s attached to the structure of the roof, running along it, is the fascia. The board that runs underneath is the soffit. Together they seal the internal structure of the roof from the outside and help protect it from the element. Like the gutters, they’re important when it comes to keeping the weather out of your home.
UPVC fascias and soffits are an excellent option if you’re thinking of replacing your roofline. They’re made of a high-quality plastic that’s resistant to damp, rot and the general harshness of the Scottish weather. You don’t have to settle for white plastic UPVC fascias and soffits either. They’re available in a wide variety of finishes and styles: you can opt for an elegant black plastic or a classic oak finish. There’s sure to be a style that works for your home. J & A Anderson Roofing can supply and install UPVC fascias and soffits for your home.


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