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Slate Roofing Glasgow

Slate has a long history in Britain.

It’s been mined for centuries here in Britain, with technical advances in the 19th century leading to a boom in production. Traditionally, Wales was the largest producer of British slate, although there have been quarries in Scotland and England. Indeed, Penrhyn Slate Quarry was the largest slate quarry in the world at the end of the 19th century. While Wales still mines most of the slate in Britain, production has lowered significantly since its heyday and today most slate used in Europe for roofing comes from Spain.

It’s remained a popular option throughout the centuries.

With several varieties of slate, each has its own character and colour. It has excellent practical properties as a roofing material too. It isn’t affected by extreme temperature changes, is resistant to a range of chemicals and is impermeable to water. It’s easy to see why it’s a favourite for British roofs. It’s also famous for its longevity: many of our older buildings retain their original slate roofs, with care and maintenance.


It’s still a great choice for the modern roof.

J & A Anderson Roofing has years of expertise in the supply and installation of slate tiles. If you’re interested in a slate roof, then we can source tiles to suit your area and home. We can supply reclaimed slate tiles – these tiles come from older buildings where the slate has been removed due to the roof’s foundations failing. We can then supply and install the sourced tiles for you. If you have an existing slate roof that requires repair due to storm damage or simply needs general maintenance, we can handle any necessary work.

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