loft roof with a velux window

Velux Windows Glasgow

Many of us have lofts in our homes but not all of us are putting them to good use.

Most lofts act as a home for spiders and long-forgotten odds and ends while they could be providing a useful space for you instead. One major factor that puts people off considering their lofts is the problem of light. Since many lofts aren’t originally built to be habitable spaces they can be dark, ill-lit places – not somewhere you’d think of using as a spare room.


There’s a simple solution to the problem.

You can have roof windows installed – this small change can offer big results. Roof windows are an excellent way of allowing natural light into your space. You won’t have to resort to using electrical light during the day in order to use the space, saving you money.  You don’t have to build an extension– installing roof windows can give you the option of opening up a new room with a minimum of effort.


You don’t normally need planning permission to install roof windows. This means that they’re an extremely cost-effective way to transform your roof space into a room that you can make use of at any time. J & A Anderson Roofing only use the highest quality materials: that’s why we install Velux windows. Velux manufacture high-quality roof windows – they’re known as specialists in roof-lighting. They offer a wide range of windows to suit your budget and needs. Whatever you require, there’s sure to be a Velux window that works for you.


Wondering where to start?

We’re able to offer you help with any questions you might have. We’ve installed windows in roofs for many customers and have worked with a wide variety of buildings. We are familiar with the challenges that different buildings can present – if you have any concerns about installing windows in your own roof, we can offer advice. Don’t hesitate to ask us about getting a quote – you could be enjoying a new space in your home before you know it.

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